Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Byronious thanks his BMX sponsors and supporters

The people behind the scenes don't usually get enough credit for their hard work, with this said I wanted to send a little shout out and give props to some of the people who have help me along the way. Some of the names on the list may not be very recognizable, HOWEVER... I gotta tell yah they are the back bone of the sport of BMX and cycling industry.

I'm thinking about doing a profile section up-in-here, if I get some feedback from some of you I will make it happen!

After the release of Joe Kid on a Stingray - History of BMX Documentary, I kinda felt bad that some people did not get included.... Well i got to thinking and I cam up with this piece- just to say thank you!

Thank you:
Jim Emerson, David Clinton, Paul Hinkston, Ernie Alexander, Suzanne Claspy, Bob Osborn, Mike Devitt, PK Ripper, Dick Hurtz, Scott OM, Rich Osborne, Bob Marquavicich, Sean Watkins, Jim Janard, Jon Minor, Dick Moran, John Burke, Skip Hess Sr and Jr, Bob Haro, MBA Wrecking Crew (Jody, Eddy, Zap Roland), Scott Wallenberg, Dean Bradley, AlStonehouse, Paul Swift, Thad Friday, Mom and Dad, Mr and Mrs. Gerrit Does, Doug Mello, Karstan Berg, Jim Hale, Hellen Molletta, Linn Kastan, John Ker, Guy B, Mark Langton, Russ Okawa, Jammin Jimmy Weinert, Yo-Yo, The Diesel, Wade Bootes,
Brian Lopes, Simon Tabron, Fat BMX.com, Jim and Cory Alley, Brain Skinner, V V A, Stompin Stu Thomsen, Jeff Bottema, Greg and John Hill, ABA (Clayton, B.A., Shannon) NBL ( Bob T), Travis Chipres, John Swarr, Mark Eaton and all my BMX Pals and Family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Byron, thanks for throwing props to my dad Paul Hinkston Sr. As some might not know, my dad worked in the bike industry for over 50 years. He started when he was just a kid with his bike shop on Pico Blvd in Santa Monica, CA. He went on to work with West Coast Cycles before working his way up the ranks with Shimano until he became vice president of their US/west coast operations. He left Shimano to start his own bike company, Scorpion BMX. Byron Friday was my fathers first pro rider and Byron represented Scorpion very well. My dad loved having Byron as one of his riders and more so as a friend. I rode for Scorpion as an Expert ranked rider from the ages of 12 to 14 and miss those days. My dad passed away a few years back and I miss him a great deal. He taught me alot. How to excel in business while having fun doing it. I currently run the east coast operations of an Environmental Consulting Firm but still make time for surfing and mtn bike riding on a regular basis. Thanks again Byron for giving props to my dad, I know he would've appreciated it a great deal.
-Paul Hinkston Jr.

Joel said...

In 1980 my parents took me on a tour of the California missions. When close to LA, I insisted on a trip to Chatsworth to tour the Scorpion factory. Without calling ahead, we arrived and "Paul" (I think it's safe to assume Paul Hinkston) gave us a tour. He was friendly and gave me a patch and a t-shirt, after gently asking me to dismount the prototype tear-drop shaped Chrome Scorpion in his office :)

I would love to see profiles of the behind-the-scenes guys, and learn more about the bmx pros (especially yourself, Byron Friday!) from my youth.

I'm glad to have found your page.

-Joel Valder

chris o said...

When i was 6 years old i got a Scorpion BMX bike for christmas. it was probably the best day of my life at that time. my dad sold welding supplies to the company and i am sure that had something to do with how i wound up with it. i always thought it was cool that i was the only one i knew that had one and raced with it in the ABA in 1982-84. I even had a jersey (which I will always regret giving to a neighbor when he started racing years later, around 1989) which as a kid I assumed meant I was "sponsored" by Scorpion. I would love to find another one and to even buy any Scorpion stickers or anything else that might still exist. There's not much out there on the subject.