Saturday, November 10, 2007

Introducing BYRON'S Bike Repair Service

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Please check out my new venture Byron's Bike Repair

More details to come in the near future, but for now check out ten reasons why you may be interested in my service.

1- We come to you and your bike!

2- No more wrestling dirty, greasy bikes into the back seat or trunk of your car!

3- On the spot tune-ups, overhauls & repairs! Or we can pick up your bike, fix it and return back to you.

4- Why be without your bike if you don't have to?

5- Competitive pricing and unsurpassed service!

6- We work when you need us, with flexible hours and appointments available.

7- Personalized service.

8- Outrageous gas prices and rush hour trafic jams.

9- Not enough time in the day.

10- Free cycling Tips from a American Bycle Assn Hall of Fame Inductee Byron Friday.

11- By using Byron's your supporting the Bike
Teacher and helping get more people riding bikes.

12- We service greater Los Angeles, Ventura, and So Cal area.

13- Byron wants to help you get back on the bike and having some fun!

Contact me for an appointment or more info:
(818) 614-4638



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